Root Canal Treatment – Mansfield, TX

Getting You Out of Pain & Preserving Your Tooth

Model of tooth showing inner root canal layers

Root canal treatment is a misunderstood dental procedure that’s often associated with pain, which is why so many patients feel nervous or uneasy when they hear they need this procedure. However, the truth is that root canals allow our team to erase the pain caused by tooth infections, all while preserving your natural tooth’s structure. Our top priority is to safeguard your smile to the best of our ability, which we’re able to make happen with effective treatments like root canals. If you have a severe toothache that won’t seem to go away, call our dental office to schedule an emergency appointment for root canal treatment in Mansfield.

Why Choose 360 Dental Lounge for Root Canal Treatment?

  • Same-Day Emergency Appointments
  • Dental Sedation Available
  • Customized, Durable Dental Crowns

What Happens During a Root Canal?

Illustrated dental instrument cleaning inside of tooth during root canal treatment

Root canal treatment takes place over the course of two steps: treatment and restoration. First, one of our skilled emergency dentists in Mansfield will create a window into the inner chamber of the tooth that contains the infected pulp, which is a collection of nerves and soft tissue that’s often the source of pain. We’ll then remove the compromised pulp and sanitize the inner portion of the tooth to ensure no harmful bacteria remain. Then, we’ll rebuild the structure of the tooth using a substance called gutta percha. We’ll secure a temporary crown atop your treated tooth until your permanent one arrives from the dental laboratory, which we’ll then use to replace the temporary restoration.